Things To Consider When Venturing Into A Groundnut Business In Nigeria

There is one member of the nut family which I love so much because of its sweet taste and the crunchy sensation when chewing it, and that nut is called GROUNDNUT. I am ready to buy groundnut where ever I find it as far as I have the money.

Groundnut business is one good and lucrative venture to start, this business is so profitable that it can be run by anyone and anywhere in the country, irrespective of tradition or cultural belief.

I myself just have a special thing for groundnut and love eating them anywhere I find by self as far as I have the money to buy one, I am among, one of those millions of Nigerians who just love this snack and are ready to buy it anytime.

In this article, I will highlight somethings one has to consider before venturing into this business.

Health Benefits of Groundnut          

Groundnut have a lot of healthy nutrients that are needed for our day to day activities. For example, ground nuts are a good source of fatty oil, due to their high oil composite which is essential for the body development, they also regulate the sugar in the blood stream, just like apples, ground nut lowers the risk of heart related disease and also boosts long term memory.

Various Ways to Venture Into This Business

Before I proceed further, I need to mention that there are various ways one can get involved in this business and one of those ways is either to fry the groundnut and do the necessary preparation yourself or buy from a whole seller.

Apart from the two mention points above, you can either deal on the raw (roasted) groundnut and cooked peanuts, it depends entirely on you.

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Places To Buy Groundnut from in Nigeria

Groundnut are produced in the northern regions of Nigeria in commercial quantities and are sold in large markets across some states located in the northern region. These states includes, Niger, Kano, Katsina, Plateau, Yobe, Kebbi, Taraba, Kebbi, Bauchi, Kaduna,  Adamawa, Jigawa, Sokoto.

Groundnuts are usually harvested during the hammattan months that is between the months of October to December.

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Frying The Groundnut By Yourself

If you decide to fry the groundnut yourself, it may seem stressful but you would be saving some money from buying from someone else.

Below are some of the equipments you would need to fry this ground nut on your own.

  1. Frying pan
  2. A kerosene stove or gas, you can use the crude method of using firewood
  3. Tray
  4. Spatula (to stir)
  5. Basin

To start frying the ground nut you would need a medium to keep the groundnut in high temperature without burning the groundnut itself and there are two medium to use.

  1. Garri (cassava flakes)
  2. Sand

Garri (cassava flakes) is the best and is hygienic to use and the garri itself can be edible. Sand can also be used and it happens to be a bit popular within rural producers and I do not like it and find it not suitable.

Procedure for Frying the Groundnuts

The first thing to do after you have bought the groundnut is to remove the dirt that might have come with it (ground nut) from the farm. Next, you wash and soak the groundnut in hot water for approximately 10 minutes to 15 minutes –that’s for it to get soft enough for it to be fried.

Remove the water from the groundnut via draining the water out, when done add a little salt to the ground nut and mix them together –that’s to give it a good taste.

Pour them into a tray or on any flat surface in an open area or under sun to dry and for the salt to penetrate into the groundnut, usually with 24 hours.

It’s now time to fry the groundnut, place the frying pan on the fire, pour the garri or sand into the pan and allow to warm a little bit.

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Now pour the groundnut inside the pan with the garri or sand and stir intermittently until the groundnut turns brown –this usually take between 30 to 45 minutes depending on the amount of heat used.

Now come the difficult part, to know when the groundnut is cooked, you can know that by waiting for the ground to turn slight brown in colour and when it becomes hard when chewing.

Allow the groundnut to cold down because it will be too hot to hold when you want to peel it.

Separate the groundnut from the sand or garri you used in frying it, either by sieving or hand picking it, sieving is way faster than hand picking.

If you wish to sell in wholesale, then there is no need to peel the chaff of the groundnut, else you will need to do it and package them into respective containers or waterproof.

Buying From a Third Party (Whole Sellers)

If you cannot fry the groundnut for some reasons and decides to buy from other whole sellers (third party) it will be great except your profit will be reduce to an extent.

Normally there are people who fry groundnut to sell in whole sale, in any popular market you can locate them depending on your location.

As a way to diversify your investment you can add other varieties such as locally made peanut butter, popularly called ”oso orji” in the Eastern part of Nigeria  (igbo), garden egg and cucumber are also one of the vegetable to sell alongside the groundnut.

Selling Your Groundnut to your Customers

You can sell your groundnut to anybody any time; two things that attract buyers are the taste and size. If you source your groundnut at a cheaper rate then you need to reduce the rate at which you sell to finial consumers as you will get hold of many buyers through this method and other resellers too.

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You can tie then and display them at various point, normally at the shops of your friends and family members, you can even display them at other peoples shop as far as you will give them a treat.

In summary, groundnut is a good venture which I would encourage teenagers and students to go into as the cost of starting this business is very low and can be started with N5,000 with all the materials; one need to start a progressive business.

You should learn to always present various varieties to your customers. For example, you can wrap your groundnut in various shapes and sizes, and use different sizes of bottle to package your ground nut.

Don’t forget to find various places you can display your groundnut and super-markets or stores you can be a major supplier, in doing so you will increase your revenue base and get more profits.

If you find this article fascinating please comment below or share with your friends and family.

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  1. Cynthia Akor


    my name is Cynthia, you are doing a great job, keep it up. please would love to get some of the contact of wholesalers of groundnut if you are in contact with any. You can reach me on the email address below.

    Thanks, hoping to hear from you soon.

    • Iyke

      The wholesaler i once knew, i happen too lost her number sometime ago, i am so sorry. if you search around large markets in your area you will be able to find someone, thats was the same methodology i used.

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