Starting Crayfish Business in Nigeria (Detailed Guide)

Crayfish gives food a sweet and unique taste, that’s why they are is used in preparation of meals in over 2 million of homes in Nigeria. With the already demand for this sea food and the availability in the market for this products, crayfish business is indeed a very profitable business to venture into.

Starting a crayfish business in Nigeria, may sound funny, a bit off class especially for the Nigerian youth to venture into, but the reality remains that this is a very lucrative business, since we all know that there is an available market for it.

In this article I will explain the importance of venturing into this business as well as the steps and strategy one can use and be extremely profitable in the business.

Let’s look at how one can start this business.

There are different ways on how one can be part of this business and this article will just cover one section which is “packaging this crayfish to sell in commercial market” The crayfish we will be dealing with is the dry crayfish, which is the most common consumed type of crayfish in Nigeria.

Importance of Venturing Into a Cray Fish Business

In the commercial market, we can see that crayfish are being display on the open for everyone to see and buy. Many women and buyers do not like the archaic system being use in this modern era. Making your own crayfish to look unique and can catch the eyes of customers which can solve their problem of cleaning and grinding the crayfish and they will patronize you for it and indirectly you could capture this particular niche in the commercial market.

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Steps in Starting This Business

Sourcing For the Crayfish

This is the difficult part in this business especially for newbie, who do not have enough idea on how the cray fish business work, you can source your crayfish from riverine areas such as Rivers State or Cross River state, Akwa Ibom States, Onitsha in Anambra State as there are places within these state where crayfish can be found in large quantity, but you will need to ask the locals so that you can get a detailed descriptions on where to go and buy.

Sorting Them Out

When these crayfish are bought, we need to start sorting them out, sorting in this context involves removing the dirt, removing stones and other sea animal that must have come along with it. This mine take a bit of time depending on the quality you bought, this is a mandatory step to ensure that your customers will not have a cause for any complain in the future.

You can as well get some workers to help out, since it’s a small scale business you can start small by doing it by yourself pending when you grow.


Processing the crayfish totally depends on you and the knowledge you have and the research you must have conducted. For example if you’re a very very good with preservatives, nutrients you can add them depending on the ratio REMEMBER I said if you are good, else just leave it.

Processing the crayfish to last very long when store, depends on the resources you have at your disposal, you can sun dry it by leaving the crayfish to stay open under the sun for 4-8 hours for a period of 3 days as this make the crayfish to be dried enough to avoid getting spoilt or attracting ants.

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You can as well bake it in the oven to make it dry for a 4 hours then allow to cool down for a while.


This is the unique selling point behind this business as it will solve the stress of people buying crayfish, selecting the dirt and grinding it. You can achieve this by yourself, by simply grinding the crayfish using hand grinder sold in the market, depending on your taste you have different variety of the grinded crayfish such as fine powder crayfish or the course one, which is not too smooth.


On a large scale production you would need workers and a machine that will load and seal the nylon but since this isn’t in a large scale production we will do this our self what you need to do first is to:

Get a Nylon

You need to get samples of nylon which you can find in big market around your locality, you will then choose the best among the samples. Keep in mind that the nylon you choose should be strong enough so that they cannot be easily broken or pierce through.

Find a Graphic Designer

A graphic designer will do all the graphic work, which will be printed on the body of the nylon. I believe by this time you must have pick a business and brand name, a logo, address, nutrition information, ingredient value etc.


You can either take it to the printing press by yourself or the graphic designer will do it for you; this is where you would print all the graphic information unto the nylon.


You can do the sealing without any help, get an impulse sealer in other to seal the nylon. What an impulse sealer does is seal or join two nylon together by applying a significant amount of heat, you should practice to get to know how the impulse sealer work and the style you will be using for your packaging.


When done with sealing, you can then pack your products in customize carton which can be done by you or which can be simply bought.

Distribution and Marketing

The consumer base is already in place, you just need to be able to penetrate the market and win the loyalty and trust of these people and you can do that by:


This may be a bit capital intensive as you a start-up plus we aren’t going to do an online advert since a majority of your potential customers won’t be online when purchasing ingredients for the meals.

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This advert involves renting a trucks, some sound instruments, such as speakers, micro-phone, some people probably 10 people, banners and flyers and move around popular markets in your district or locality as this will surely capture the attention of passer-by and customers who would surely want to patronize your products.


The usual way this is been done is to get a ware house around some areas where people will buy directly from. But remember we are starting small so what we would do is to constantly be delivering to sellers in the market and as your grow you can finally get the ware house and workers.

In conclusion, this is a business that require passion and a good technical knowledge from buying the crayfish to procession down to packaging and distribution.

Since we are having a start up, I would encourage you guys to start small and not test the depth of the river with both feet yet as for the cost.

We can start with 50,000 – ₦100,000 as we will barely be spending a lot, you can target to sell each pack of the crayfish for as low as ₦50 and you might have variety of size you would sell for different price respectively example, ₦50, ₦100, ₦300 etc.

NOTE: so as not to break any law, I recommend you get you National Agency for Food and Drug Administration Control (NAFDAC) license, it may be stressful but it is worth it and can save you lot of legal issue in the future.

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