How to Start a Paper Distribution Business in Nigeria

A4 Distribution Business in Nigeria

There are various form of business one can venture into as a Nigerian or even invest in a foreigner and a paper distribution business is one of them. Everybody need to get some document printed on a piece of paper for future reference, weather you are a student or an employer and establishing this business you will be able to fuel their desire by supplying what they need – paper.

Always keep in mind, when I say paper I mean the usually A-4 paper size which is popularly used in “cyber café” or “business centre” as they sometime call it.

In this article, I will disclose a profitable way one can make quite a lot of money from this business, if and only if you follow the process contained in this article.

What Do You Mean By Saying “Paper Distribution?”

A paper distribution business might sound a bit strange but in real sense, it just a business we all know about, so, that bring us to this question “what is a paper distribution business?”

Have you ever visit a cyber café to either check your email or get something printed, there is a particular kind of paper they use which is popularly called an A4 paper.

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This is what this business is all about, distributing these paper to the right customers can mean thousands of naira daily if not millions (according to how you plan your business)

What Do I Need To Start This Business?

Starting this business is not hectic as most people think, it’s more of getting to know the right customers, what you will need for a start is:

  • A place to source papers cheap
  • Your customers
  • A medium to distribute these paper to your customers

How Much To Start The Business?

One of the factors that scare people when starting a business is the amount of capital needed to initialize the business. But in this paper distribution business, one does not require much amount.

Staring the business with ₦50,000 to ₦100,000 is enough depending on the structure but if you follow this guide then that amount should be enough.

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Processes in Starting This Business

There are many steps in starting this business and I am going to explain the ones that are extremely important below.

Market survey:

I always empathize on market survey in most of my article because doing a market survey is the basement in a business. I always encourage business men and women to do a thorough market survey.

Doing a market survey shows you whether there is demand or supply of a particular product and when there is demand one can go into it as you can sell your product quickly but =where there is more supply then demand one has to be careful and apply caution when starting the business.

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In a paper distribution business, there is a demand for papers especially in areas such as schools, offices but one funny thing is that you mustn’t be situated in area those areas before you can tap into this business opportunity.

Buying the paper

After knowing whether the paper distribution will be profitable, the next step will be “how to source the paper” there are some options such as:

  • Buying directly with from the manufacturer, which might be stressful if you do not have enough capital.
  • Buying from a whole seller

Irrespective of where you source your paper from the goal is to be able to buy them cheap.

A4 Distribution Business in Nigeria

Know Your Customers?

Who are your customers and where do they buy from? When you know the amount of papers your customers use in a days, weeks or even months and the amount they possibly buy at you can come in and offer a better rate.

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Your customers are people that use the papers more such as business centers, offices and schools etc. you can get to know them by offering a discount for the amount of paper they buy or offer a free office deliveries.


Not all business need a physical location but having a location gives you the business edge and authority, let’s take for example someone wants to find you or offer a business proposal, having the office location can promote your business well.

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If you are still bothered about where to buy A4 papers from in Nigeria, popular locations such as Aba in Abia state and the famous Onitsha in Anambra state can serve as good starting point, mile one market in Lagos is also good too.

You can store there papers in your house if you haven’t gotten the storage house/ware house or office space yet but you need to be careful of rodents that eat anything such as rat.

When you finally meet your customers remember that your customers will be after two things which are quality and good price, you can offer a discount of 2-5% for a start and as you acquire more customers and as more of them have faith in you, you can increase your price.

Have it in the back of your mind that there is loss in any business and you shouldn’t stop when you encounter hard situations, remember it helps to make you a better business person.


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