How to Start a Mini Café Business in Nigeria (Beginner’s Guide)

Most people do think that cyber café business is dead, when it comes to business one can open or start in Nigeria, this is not true. Let me show you why cyber café business still remains one of the profitable business one can do or start in Nigeria.

We have all once in a while go to a cyber café to print out important form or to register for something very important, some have even go to the extent of checking their emails and had their paper work typed in cyber café.

Cyber café has now evolve to entail both offering both internet services and as well as offering computer services too.

This business still remain extremely important, if one plays his games right as well as applying the information found in this article, I will try to explain how you can make your cyber café business stand out in Nigeria.

Starting Your Cyber Café Business in Nigeria

Getting Your Location

When you want to venture into this business, you need to look out for a suitable location. Remember not all locations are suitable and favourable to all business. This cyber café business requires a place that has either lots of student preferably tertiary students or a very busy place close to small scale offices as this will help bring customers naturally to you.

Choosing the best location is very essential, as you will need your business to continuously grow by having customers who can patronize your products or services on a daily basics.

Make a Market Research

Going out for market research can be hectic, especially if you are the shy one and can be time consuming if you are the busy type. The main purpose of this market research is to give you valuable data from your customers which you can turn to valuable information to know the kinds of services you will render to your customers.

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You need to be asking or making enquires to know if your future customers will use the internet more or will just be interested in having their paper work, documents, files typed, scanned or photocopied. You need to know the demand for these services so you can have a fixed price; you do not want your price to be high so you won’t lose your customers to your competitors or too low so you will not acquire losses in the long run.

From the market research you make, you can as well know the size of the shop you will rent or the kind of computers you would need.

Getting Your Shop Ready

Getting your shop ready is all about decorating your shop, which on the other hand can be easy, but can turn out being frustrating in the future.

Take for example, if your shop is too small and after six months of opening your business your start to experience a large inflow of people coming to either browse the internet or have some of their paper works typed, if your shop isn’t comfortable you can slowly begin to see some customers leave (especially if you have a competitor close by) and on the other hand if your shop is too big without enough customers to fill the space,  you can be wasting resources to keep the place up and running, that is why I said earlier that having a market survey is good as this help you plan out “how your business will run”.

In decorating your shop, you need to make sure some essential furniture are in place, like chairs and table. Make sure you have enough chairs for your customers to sit, you do not want them to stand while they wait for their work to be ready.

You need to have a cross air ventilation, you do not want the place to be stuffy; as it might smell from the crowd of people present, to also ensure that those surfing the internet are not distracted by those who are having there worked typed, you can use a divider or a separator to demarcate the place.

As well as the paint colour, arrangement of your computer and the admin area, all have to be arranged in such a  way they will all fit perfectly well.

Getting Your Equipment

Apart from getting the chairs, table and the rest of the décor. Another core thing your business need is the equipment’s that will facilitate the work such as computers (desktops or laptops), printing machine, internet router and internet modern, laminating machine, photo-copying machine, generator etc.

The number of computers you would you need depends on the location you choose and your budget, if your business is near a school (university) I would advise you get 5 computers for typing and other paper work and 3 for browsing preferable desktops and this will make the case of theft to be lessen.

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You can have a big printing machine that does printing and photo-copying too as this is every economical especially when you are printing in large quantities. Remember to also get a small printer can will photocopy in coloured as well as being able to scan.

You can get one laminating machine.

Your internet modern can be the latest 4G LTE that is faster than regular 3G, I will advise you choose the unlimited bundle it can be a bit expensive. But remember that people love to browse and when you capture this people with a lesser price the will keep coming and help you spread your business to others too.

Other materials such as printer’s ink, laminating films, papers should be included in your equipment list you can diversify by deciding to sell CD and DVD disc, paper distribution too as well as other services.

Marketing Your Market

You need to have a head start and marketing will do that for you there are various ways to do that but I will focus on just one which is printing stickers and flyers to give to passer-by. This isn’t really effective but if you follow these step:

  • You can approach students and ask them to direct you or refer you to their respective course representative and offer them a contract
  • The contract or offer can take this format like for example, “free printing for a week for every 20 student they (course representative) bring to you or free 2  hours browsing for every 20 students they bring for you” you can as well use this same marketing technique on other students”

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Do not forget to create promo every 2 weeks or monthly depending on the kind of services you offer as this will increase your business inside and outside the school.

Profit Target

I will use the internet service for example, if you decide to charge ₦100 per hour and you have those 3 computers occupied, that’s ₦300 per hour (and when other computers are free you can as well use them for rendering internet services).

Let’s assume you use your internet 4 hours per day that’s 4 hours X ₦100 rate X 3 computers  = ₦1,200 per day (assuming you only use the internet 4 hours per day and only those 3 computers)

We aren’t calculation the computer services which may include typing, print, photocopying and scanning etc.


In conclusion, this business may seem as a very hectic one and capital intensive but if done properly it will not cost you more than ₦270,000 to ₦300,000.

If you find this article fascinating please share with your family and friend and comment below I will love to hear from you.

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