How to start a Goat Rearing Business in Nigeria

Imagine yourself rearing an animal such as a goat, funny right? But it won’t be funny when you start counting those Naira notes in the millions and having clients calling you to book “goat meat” for them when you wish to sell. While the goat business is looked down upon by many Nigerian youths, the price of “goat meat” in the market still remains expensive and are in high demand.

When was the last time you went to the market to buy your favourite meat for pepper soup or for one of the most famous soup in Nigeria “Egusi soup” or even the for the beloved African dish that drives men nuts with a watery mouth the “Nwkobi”. All these foods all share one thing in common, that is they all use the same source of meat which comes from goat.

As the Nigerian population keeps growing, one thing is certain, people will need to eat and not just eat anyhow junk food, but there native Nigerian meal and to keep the growing population satisfied and to keep your bank account in good shape you need to venture into this business along with any other agro-related business found on this website.

The goat business may seem like a dirty business and stressful but the end result is very profitable and appealing. Goat can be reared for meat, milk, hide, fur, manure and other things too, but in this article we will discussed about rearing goat for the purpose of getting meat and nothing else.

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Goat meats are in high demands in the southern parts of Nigeria as the lack of agricultural produces make agro-related produces expensive over there and that’s a good reasons why you should venture into this business.

A full grown goat cost around N20,000 to N40,000 –depending on the sex and size .We have seen that this is indeed a profitable business, lets discussed on how one partake in this business.

How to start this Business

Starting this business just requires few resources form your part and as usual, I am a big fan of starting any business small and watching it grow. Below are some of the things you will need to be successful in this business.

Getting the Right Breed

Choosing the right breed is critical. Though any breed can be used, there are some breed that will produce more milk when reared and others that will produce more meat when rear and getting the breed for meat production is what we are looking.


The boar male goat can grow up to 300 pounds and because of their large size, they are one of the most popular breed of goats use for meat production and another advantages about this breed is they are resistance to disease and reproduce much often.


More that 80-90% of goat meat comes from this breed. These goats can be found in the northern part of Nigeria as they can live in dry areas and can still reproduce well under any dry climate and conditions another advantage with this breed is that the require low maintenance and can mate with other breeds of goat easily.


The Nubian breeds are a dual-purpose goat breed as they can produce both milk in abundance as well as meat too.

The male Nubian can weigh up to 175 pounds because of their large size, they produce more meats.

We have looked at 3 breeds of goats (Boar, Rangeland, Nubian) that are suitable for meat production. You can look around for these breed and purchase one male and females from the rest of the breed, so they can cross mate and produce better breeds.

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Building a Goat pen

Building pen for goats are very easy can be done by yourself that depends on your skills though. Since goats can adapt to any environment and are easily domesticated, the pen should be spacious and a shelter to protect them from direct sun light and rain also keep in mind that goats are short animals so there pen should be fenced properly to avoid them getting out and going astray.

A platform should be constructed where you will place there food and water and the floor or bedding of the goat pen can be cover with enough dry hay as this will absorb their urine and poo which can be used as manure or be sold off to people that need them.


Goats can eat almost all the food humans do eat but it is more preferably to give them their natural food. There are two ways to do this, one involves taking them for grazing depending on where there pen is located, if they are located near a pastures then this is possible as you can carry them in pairs depending totally on your capacity to accommodate them or you can go and fetch them some fresh grass daily that is if the pasture ground is far away or the goats are too many to carry. You can use goat feed which contain lots of nutrients, minerals and vitamins.

Seeing the Veterinarian

Goats are living animal, the same way humans go to see the doctor for regular check-ups, is the same way you should take your goats to see the Veterinary doctor at least once a month. If peradventure the Veterinary clinic is far from where the goat pen is located then it becomes your duty and assignment to get all the medicines, drugs and vaccines and admitted to the goats when due (with permission and advice from the Veterinarian). Getting those medication handy can be a life saver especially when the Veterinarian is away, but you do need to take your goats over to the clinic or get the vert. come over to your pen to inspect the goats once in a while remember a heathy goat brings good meat.

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Goats are social animal that is they can interact with humans and that calls for properly maintenance of the goats, its pen and the goat’s health. Remember we are interested in breeding goat for the meat and to achieve this successfully, we need to check their eating habit and there environment, etc. Carry out periodically check-ups and regular cleaning of their pen as well as interaction-to see how they are faring.


Goats have a very expensive, sweet and delicate meat because many people prefer their mutton meat over cow meat (beef) due to health related reasons as well as their taste (many prefer the taste of goat meat over that of cows). So they can be sold after maturing though sometimes people might meet you and book theirs before time –so as to avoid the competition.

It is beneficial you met butchers and make yourselves known, so it becomes easy to sell to them without any lengthy price negotiation as well as to get local price so you would know how much your own goat will cost in the market.

In summary, going into this goat rearing business may seem stressful but when the profit start rolling in then the stress will be quickly forgotten.

Goats generally have an irritating smell that why it is advisable not to rear them near homes or residential areas without permission from both the residence and the appropriate authority

To keep the business moving forward, I would suggest you keep a journal of the process each goat makes. It’s difficult, I know but it would be able to help you to notice any changes early in each goat.

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  1. Frederick Ranch

    Goat Kids inherit their genetic potential from their parents. To breed high quality animals, only goats with superior characteristics should be selected and allowed to mate. They then transmit their superior characteristics to their kids. When this is done over a long period of time, it results in the improvement of the herd’s genetics.

    Therefor always strive for better quality in goat and more specifically in Bucks at the beginning of your goat Enterprise. Quality is more important than quantity in my opinion in the goat farming business., so always be selective and try to get the best quality you can for your budget.

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