How Money Is Made Trading the Forex Market

This is one of the popular questions newbies (new Forex Traders) ask a lot. Everyone is just so desperate to know how they can tap into this multi-trillion dollar industry and make money from it.

Lucky you, this is what this article is about today. We are going to discuss “how money is made trading the forex market” – where you will learn how to milk profits and dollars from the market.

For those of you, you read the educational series on what is forex, would have known that:

Forex is all about the trading of currencies from all around the globe. Majority of retail traders and market participate are in just to speculate price movements from the market, ie, when the price of a currency goes up and down.

That is, to buy when the price is low (cheap) and sell back when it gets high (expensive) and that’s also what we do too.

Take note of the above statement “buy when the price is low (cheap) and sell back when it gets high expensive” we are going to apply that logic shortly, so it’s better you understand it now.

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Before I can proceed further, I will need to explain one basic term we will use a lot that term is be called “Exchange Rate” – You can read more about Exchange Rate HERE

What Are Exchange Rate?

An Exchange Rate is simply the ratio of one currency valued against another currency. Am sure everyone should at least know the exchange rate of their country’s currency against the United State Dollars (USD), for those that have no clue about that, you can Google that up by just typing your country’s currency and the country you want to get the exchange rate. Like the picture below.

Why Is The Exchange Rate So Important?

Asking why an exchange rate is important is similarly to asking “why is international trade important”. We need to get a rate that’s dynamic to be able to convert from one’s currency to another.

Let me illustrate with an example. The EUR/USD exchange rate indicates how many Euro can purchase one US Dollar or how many US Dollar you need to buy one Euro and is usually in this format EUR/USD 1.2578* . That means 1 Euro is equivalent to 1.2578 US Dollar and 1.2578 US Dollar can buy 1 Euro.

*the figure is bogus and is meant for educational purposes only.

So back to the question, how is money made by trading forex.

Let’s first of all create an imaginary country in our head and we will call it “Small County” – you can call it whatever name you want. And this Small country’s currency is call Smallie also known as (SMS), we will use the SMS as the currency symbol in this lesson and we will assume that the exchange rate to the United States Dollar (USD) is 1USD=100SMS which means for every 1 USD you have, its equal to 100 SMS and 1 USD can buy 100 SMS.

You happen to get your hands on a 100 USD bill which is equivalent to (100 USD * 100 SMS = 10,000 SMS). After some days the value of this USD increased and the value of SMS decreased, let’s assume the new exchange rate is 1 USD=150 SMS

Are You Confused By This New Exchange Rate?

Remember the United States Dollar gained in value, which mean 1 USD that was worth 100 SMS is no longer the same but have the current value or worth of 1 USD=150 SMS.

NOTE: that in Foreign Exchange, once one currency gains value the other will simultaneously lose value. Example EUR/USD, if EUR should gain in value, automatically the USD WILL LOSE IN VALUE too.

So that’s what happened with USD and SMS, the USD gain value and the SMS lost value. Which mean 1 USD is now valued at 150 SMS.

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Don’t forget that you have 100 Dollar bill with you right? And you decided to sell it at this new exchange rate of 1 USD=150 SMS. You made an astonishing profit of (100 USD *150 SMS =15,000 USD) unlike when you would have made a profit of 10,000 SMS assuming you used the pervious exchange rate of 1 USD=100 SMS.

Now, you see how money is made from the forex market. We tend to buy cheap and sell expensive, isn’t this cheating you will say? Nah it’s not, consider it as a business and you don’t need to worry there are thousands of people willing to buy and sell to you immediate at the current market price.

 Are There Losses In Trading Forex?

Of course there are, just as my friend would always say “where there is an advantage, there will be a disadvantage”

Let’s assume again that the USD lost its value and the SMS simultaneously gained value and the new exchange rate is 1USD=90 SMS. It means that your 100 USD bill will immediately be lost in value from 10,000 USD to 9,000 SMS. This means that you are at a loss of 1,000 SMS.

We can now confirm the logic that was said earlier, that forex is about “buy when the price is low (cheap) and sell back when it gets high expensive”.

If you follow the articles on this blog, then you don’t need to worry about losing because I am a successful forex trader and I will try my best to give out hints and tips on how to conquer this market and make some decent income.

What Tools Do I Need to Start Trading Forex?

Forex Trading is so simple that you just need a computer with an Internet connection and all the information on this website with patience and a good trading plan. The days of going to an exchange floor or calling your broker to open a position for you on the phone is over.

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