When people hear the word “forex” they imagine it to be so cumbersome, hectic and that it only pertain to commercial banks and other financial institutions.

They fail to understand that, forex isn’t huge or strange and that anybody can literally learn it and earn from it.

Thank God for technology and the world of internet, everyone can tap into this “forex” and master its art irrespective of where you find yourself and with any amount.

It is a basic and mandatory requirement that everyone interest to earn a dollar or two from forex should know the elements that composes this “forex” and the “trading” aspect.

Many at times, I see people who are so eager to make money off the forex market, start to trade without properly knowledge and knowing what really moves the engines in the forex market.

It might be that other places which they go to sought for knowledge regarding the forex market have made it look like a herculean task. But, I will try my best to make this tutorial be as simple, interesting and stress-free as possible.

I will advise you all to grab a bottle of coca cola, a pen and a note to write down some live changing facts.

If after going through this interesting and simple guide and you still find it difficult to comprehend some certain things. You can contact me either through the CONTACT US PAGE or via my email at iyke(dot)360forextrader(at)

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