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360 Forex Trader is a blog, which was created to show people how they can make money from the financial market. Many people especially Nigerians and other third world countries, has seen the financial market as something that is complex and meant for only professionals but in the reality everyone can tap into it.

The Financial Market comprises of the capital, spot, Derivatives, money market, and others, which are not well known by majority of the ordinary masses just like you and me.

This blog is created by Wami Ikechukwu Kanu. Though he preferred to be called iyke.

Iyke have been a forex trader for more than 6 years now, he knows the challenges that both newbies and advance traders pass through daily just to make a few buck in their pocket.

According to iyke,

“When I started my journey in the financial market I didn’t have anybody to serve as a mentor neither was there a person I could turn to, to ask questions. I struggle to acquire all the knowledge I have now from both experience on the market and the endless night of reading books”

I ventured into the financial market, Forex to be precise. When I started, I had no one to guide or coach me, I single handedly with experience and hard work got the knowledge I have about the financial market now.

I believed that there are others who are just like me, that is, have no one to guide or coach them. In addition, that was the passion that gave birth to this blog.

I intent to use this blog to reach out to millions of Nigerians and people out there to show them that indeed one without any certificate on Economics or Finance can still make money from trading stocks , forex, commodities, Treasury bills, bonds etc.

Though this blog focus more on forex, stocks and commodities we will look into more sensitive  areas such as bonds, Treasury Bill, Real Estate, Personal Finance geo-politics etc. There are articles, opinions and weekly forex analyses on this blog, which are written to share the author’s ideas and belief on how to go about trading in the Financial Markets and the best possible ways to be profitable in the markets.

There are also educational series included in this blog, where i try to educate people about how the financial market works and the truth and lies behind the forex market.

I encourage all forex traders to read thoroughly through each post and put each opinion and idea to good use.


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